Avoid Sciatica Surgery With Chiropractic Therapy in Pinole

Dr. Jung works with many sciatica patients here in our Pinole office, and many of these patients were concerned that they might require surgery to alleviate their pain. The latest research shows that many people don't require surgery for this common issue, and that chiropractic therapy is more beneficial at clearing up sciatic nerve issues.

A typical surgery for sciatica is microdiscectomy, and in a 2010 study, researchers examined 80 patients with sciatica who were referred for this procedure.

Forty patients were then randomly placed in one of two groups. The first group received surgical microdiscectomy and the second group was given chiropractic treatment.

Both groups got better; however, no noticeable difference in outcome was recorded one year post-treatment between the surgery group and the chiropractic group. Additionally, around 60% of the participating patients who could not find pain relief from any other treatment approach "benefited from spinal manipulation to the same degree as if they underwent surgical intervention."

Put another way, chiropractic treatment delivered the same positive advantages as surgery without needing to undergo the greater levels of surgery-based pain or suffer through extended recovery times often associated with that type of treatment choice. Plus, you also don't run the risks linked to surgical microdiscectomy, such as nerve root damage, bowel or bladder incontinence, bleeding, or infection.

We Can Help People Find Comfort From Sciatica Pain

Surgery should be the last resort for sciatica pain. If you live in Pinole and you're being affected by back issues or sciatica, give Dr. Jung a call today at (510) 243-7500. We'll help determine the source of your pain and work hard to get you help and living pain free.


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